Trafficking Saved Awareness


Serving Those Who Have Fallen Victim To Sexual Exploitation

~ Awareness Training ~ Mentorship ~ Trauma Counseling ~ Risk/Case Management ~ Individual Safe Housing 



What Do We Do?

In a time where Domestic Sex Trafficking is at an all time high, we at From Silenced To Saved have a mission to bring awareness, education, and training to the community; and support to those who fall victim to Domestic Sex Trafficking and Exploitation.

We offer awareness training for you, your organization, school or company to become informed regarding the face of domestic trafficking in your community. We can do trainings from a community, law enforcement, mental health and victimology perspective.

We offer Trauma Counseling, mentoring, assistance with Risk and Case Management, and for those who qualify an individual safe housing program to anyone who has experienced Sexual Trauma. This includes Sexual Exploitation, Sex Trafficking. We are an organization who works very closely with those we serve. Our target ages are 13-25.

We will come to you. We will work with your team or help get a team in place for you if needed to get you to a safe place and a position of healing. We work closely with multiple organizations. We currently partner with multiple agencies statewide who also have the same mission of serving the exploited.  We work with  schools, juvenile detentions, churches, safe homes, law enforcement, victim advocacy groups/organizations as well as direct referrals. 

We do consider ourselves faith based and conduct Christian Counseling, although we work with all organizations and would never forcefully bestow our beliefs onto another; faith based or secular. We want to show the love and servitude of Jesus. Our goal is to be partnered with like-minded individuals who have a mission to help the Silenced to be Saved.